segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2008

How to Do Everything with Google Tools

ISBN: 9780071496261 (0071496262)

Editora: McGraw-Hill, 2007

Nearly twenty years ago I was introduced to a fascinating new technology that has now become part of our everyday activity. At the time, I thought it was extremely cool to log into a distant server and read stuff. At the time, that stuff came at a hefty price—Internet time was over $2.00 per hour, connection speeds were measured in bauds, and to read the cool stuff required differentiating the Unix code from the content and following lines of text written in yellow as they wrapped against a particularly ugly green background. But it was extremely cool.The coolness is still there, although it has certainly changed. It has been a pleasure to participate and experience the changes, from the yellow/green to the black text on gray backgrounds in the first Netscape browsers, to using images. And now we have the ability to interact with full-featured web-based applications like Google Docs & Spreadsheets, or downloadable tools that connect with Google servers for further functionality, such as Picasa and Google Earth.

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